Best Budget Rowing Machine

Best Budget Rowing Machine In The UK

Rowing makers are among the best pieces of cardio devices money can buy. They are terrific for performing fairly easy, low-effect constant state cardio, developing muscular strength, size and endurance, and choosing greater intensity routines like sprints or HIIT (high strength interval training). This means that you can use them in combination with pretty much any fitness goal going.

However, top-spec rowing makers can be pretty pricey, that is if you don’t understand where to look or what you’re looking for.

Best Budget Rowing Machine In 2021

We will be looking at a few of the very best budget plan rowing makers you can buy for your home or home fitness centre, and there is no other way that we’re sacrificing quality to save a few pounds. Whatever on our list will provide you with the exercise you want, with the quality and convenience you desire, all without breaking the bank.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Maker with PM5 Efficiency Screen

I know this list has to do with the best budget rowing machine. However, I felt the requirement to consist of at least one top quality commercially-graded rowing machine.

Model D rower by Concept2 is perhaps the very best ranked indoor rowing device worldwide. The machine is made from durable steel rear legs and aluminium front legs, both industrial-grade products, which is assessed the optimum user assistance of 500 lbs of weight. The included nickel-plated steel chain is of high quality and requires to be oiled every 40 hours of usage.

This version includes a PM5 efficiency monitor, which can be pivoted to several positions and supplies the user with stats like pace, speed, range, watts and calories burned. You can link it to cordless heart rate displays and Bluetooth to the optional ErgData app to track in-depth data.

The seat is at 14 inches (36 cm) height, and the bike utilises powder covered surface. The assembled dimensions are 96 x 24 x 44.5 inches.

Nothing is best, best? Well Concept2 Model D rower is very near to excellence.


  • Sturdy and high-quality building
  • Smooth ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for little and tall users alike
  • Apps synchronisation


  • The requirement to use oil on the chain every 40 active hours may be too frustrating for very active rowers.

2. JLL ® R200

The JLL 200 is one of the best rowing machine under £200, you can obtain a perfect rowing maker in the form of the R200 from JLL. This budget house rowing machine has some fantastic features and a strong construct. Let’s dig in and see why it makes our list of the best budget rowing machines. 

Let’s start with the noise. There’s nothing worse than a rowing machine that seems like you’re on an airfield. Gladly the R200 device keeps things peaceful and is among the much better budget rowers we’ve seen for this. Listen to your music or podcasts without background noise.

This rower is ideal for losing weight and has 10 levels of resistance to help you get there. Does it have resistance enough for you? We’d state the first setting feels extremely simple, while number 10 feels a lot tougher than some other rowing devices we’ve seen. So this spending plan rower has a lot of obstacles if you require it.

The screen is LCD, takes 2 x AA batteries (consisted of) and provides you time rowing, calories, variety of strokes and your range in km.

Setting the R200 rower up is not too difficult and must take around 30 to 40 minutes from opening the box. And the set contains the tools you’ll require to get it assembled. Nice!

However, it’s not all sunshine and flowers with this spending plan offering. Sadly, like many rowers in this classification, the LCD show can’t compete with more pricey models. You can see the calorie count and other info fine, but some display screen parts are in a tiny font and are tough to make out. Still, compromises need to be made, and it’s still perfectly practical. If you want to know more about the JLL ® R200, you can read our detailed guide on it.


  • Suitable for taller people– approximately 6 ′ 2 ″.
  • 12-month guarantee.
  • It folds away to a good size.
  • The machine is extremely strong and durable.
  • Smooth, peaceful action.


  • LCD on this rower could have been better.
  • Problem settings 1-5 are a tad simple.
  • Foot straps might utilise being stronger.

3. Dripex Magnetic Rowing Maker

We recently stumbled upon this excellent worth for money rowing machine (that remains in stock) and chose to take it for a spin. As soon as we did, all of us agreed it had to make it on this list, and so here it is – – right up in the top spot. It is a smidge more expensive than the R200, but it is either on par or cheaper than most other rowers on this list and most importantly, it carries out incredibly well!

The dimensions of this rower when it is in use are 178cm (l) x 76cm (h) x 53cm (w), which is pretty comparable to the budget plan rowers on this page

(although smaller sized than the Freedom Air Rower) and will suffice for all however the extremely tallest of users. Anyone 6′ and under needs to be great on this maker, and even those who are taller will still get a good exercise, however possibly with a little less comfort. There is a maximum user weight of 120kg, which is more than enough for many users, and this compares well with the other models we checked. It is likewise completely foldable, which lowers the length right down.

The very first thing that strikes you about this model from Dripex is that it is pretty considerable. It is well made and feels extremely protected even when you are pulling and sliding away with incredible strength. There are 15 magnetic resistance levels, and these are all controlled by a familiar dial simply under the handlebars. This is conveniently located, and the range in between level 1 and 15 is outstanding; plenty for newbies and more advanced athletes alike.

The screen is excellent. In truth, compared to all other rowers, the screen is much larger and much easier to see and naturally displays all the usual information you would expect with large oversized buttons that make it simple to cycle through the numerous settings. The monitor can be slanted up or down, making it easy to see from all angles and the display screen works well in dimly lit and brilliantly lit areas.

When it pertains to comfort, the Dripex rower stands out. The seat is very well cushioned, the feet pads are of a good size and feel comfy when placing your feet inside them, and the handlebar is equally simple to grip and soft to the touch. The rail is designed with double aluminium and features suspension for an extraordinarily smooth and tense complimentary experience.

All in all, the Dripex rower is an excellent spending plan choice that will offer you one of the best cardio/strength exercises you can do at home. If you want to know more about this Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine, you can read our detailed guide on it.


  • 15 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Elegant design
  • Can be stored upside down
  • Ergonomic features for added comfort


  • Display of the rower is small.
  • No pulse sensors for heart rate reading.

4. Xterra Physical Fitness ERG200

The XTERRA Fitness ERG 220 Fitness Rower is cheap rowing machine and it has a magnetic resistance system, along with an easy to check out LCD keep an eye on.

A few of the very best affordable rowing machines come with all of the bell and whistles. The XTERRA Physical Fitness ERG 220 Physical Fitness Rower is that maker. It includes a 3.7 inch LCD to keep an eye on, in addition to dual extruded aluminium seat side rails. This gadget is constructed around a steel frame, and it has a simple dial resistance knob that adapts to 8 various levels of resistance.

Mentioning resistance, the magnetic resistance system is developed to be quiet and low maintenance and smooth. This maker counts your strokes, the amount of time you spent rowing, the variety of calories you burned, and a general scan of your physical fitness level.

This rower also folds when it’s not in usage, and it can support an overall weight of 250 pounds. It determines 71.9 inches by 20.7 inches by 31.5 inches when it’s unfolded.

Even though the XTERRA Physical Fitness ERG 220 Physical fitness Rower is one of the very best ones, it still has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Folds up for simple storage.
  • The magnetic resistance produces a smooth, peaceful exercise.
  • 7 inch LCD monitor is simple to see.


  • It can just support 250 pounds worth of weight.
  • Some assembly required.

5. Body Sculpture BR1000

We were extremely curious to see what type of budget plan rowing device you might get under the ₤ 100 mark. What can you anticipate at this end of the item variety? Well, you may be happily surprised. The Body Sculpture Rower provides an adjustable incline to differ resistance and a hydraulic cylinder with 12 resistance levels. This is valuable if you’re new to training or rowing makers, as the first resistance level is pretty easy.

There’s a basic screen with good-sized letters and gives you the details you require; important stuff like calories you have burned, time, and count.

It’s likewise got a strong construct and is large enough to accommodate users of as much as around 6 feet and around the 90kg mark. In general, this seems like a well made home rower.

Assembly is a doddle as there’s not much to do with this spending plan priced rower. About thirty minutes and the rower will be ready for use. Everything is bagged and identified plainly, so it’s simply a question of following the directions. When assembled, we’re happy to report that rowing feels smooth and is relatively quiet besides the spending plan price. The seat is padded, and, unlike some house rower manufacturers, it’s relatively comfortable.

So you’re getting an excellent inexpensive rower here. It’s a little on the fundamental side, but the rate can’t be argued with. It is perfect if you’re looking for a more affordable option or wishing to try rowing in the house without investing excessive money. Compromises are made in the resistance, which is not as smooth a feeling as water or air, but still suitable for developing a sweat.


  • Exceptional value for cash at under ₤ 80.
  • Good clear display screen.
  • Easy to fold away and store.
  • Easy to put together.


  • Resistance could be more robust.
  • Hydraulic cylinder not as great as other alternatives.
  • Not appropriate for really tall users.

The Benefits Of A House Rowing Machine

First of all, let’s browse why you would want to plump for a rowing machine instead of any other kind of physical fitness apparatus. After all, there is some even more compact, easily kept choices out there.

The main reason– in reality, the only overarching factor– is the sheer quality of workout you can obtain from a rowing device. This breaks down into three unique locations:

1. Strength and Cardio In One

If you purchase a treadmill, elliptical or bike, you’re committing to improving your cardiovascular physical fitness and will likely take advantage of acquiring an excellent weight-loss aid. This is also the case with a rowing machine: your heart and lungs will get a hell of an exercise, and, as we will see, you will be able to lose weight fairly quickly.

However, rowing machines offer you the included benefit of possessing a solid strength and hypertrophy (muscle building) component. Your legs, mid-back, upper back, shoulders (specifically posterior deltoids and traps) and arms (specifically biceps and lower arms) will all take advantage of this. Essentially, anything used in your posterior chain will benefit.

Rowing to any degree will develop these muscle groups. Add some sprints or high resistance work, and they’ll build at a higher rate.

2. Full Body Exercise

With the exception of the elliptical, most cardio machines focus on your legs. Even the elliptical uses mainly legs. The rowing maker, however, utilises the complete posterior chain, as discussed above. 

This implies that whatever from the glutes and hamstrings of your lower body to the back, arms and shoulders of your upper body will be hired, along with a myriad of stabiliser, support and antagonistic muscle groups.

This brings a couple of advantages aside from the strength and hypertrophy mentioned above.

First of all, it will enhance blood circulation and movement through a range of joints. The improved synovial fluid and blood flow into soft tissue and joints through the body will help those who suffer from pains and discomfort.

Secondly, the recruitment of a lot of muscle mass corresponds to a high caloric burn– the more you use, the more you burn, put simply. This makes rowing a great aid to weight loss. For most people, a calorie deficit of 500 calories/day indicates a weekly weight loss of 1lb (0.5 kg). Though this must primarily be accomplished through diet and nutrition (consuming less)– workout plays its part. You can burn half of this rather quickly in simply 30 minutes of moderately intense rowing.

3. Low Impact

Running is often the default when individuals look to begin cardio and a weight-loss regime. Whilst it’s available and frequently pleasurable, it’s genuinely quite atrocious on the joints. Rowing makers provide minimal impact on the joints.

If you experience any joint or mobility problems, or if you’re keeping an eye out for your future self, wishing to ward off ageing arthritis, rowing is a winner. You will get full strength without being beaten up by it.


Well, there you have it. I hope that you have actually found the information in our best rowing maker guide helpful and that you now feel far more confident about selecting the best rower for you.

Make sure to look at our in-depth rowing machine reviews for a closer look at each model, and I wish you the best of luck on your physical fitness journey. Pleased rowing!

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