Best Exercise Bike Under ₤500

Best Exercise Bike Under ₤500

Working out at a fitness center is terrific; however, in some cases, wouldn’t you rather stay at home to get your exercise in? The commute, parking, and safety problems of gyms have put many people off training in these crowded environments.

They have incredible equipment in these fitness centers. But, what if you could have a similar cardio exercise in your own house and at your own convenience? Now, you don’t need to wait to use a stationary exercise bike and can place one in any room of your choosing. You can listen or watch your preferred content, use it anytime of the day, and get terrific results without having to leave your home.

Biking offers an effective low-impact cardiovascular workout that will enhance your heart and lungs along with the muscles of the lower body. The research shows that it strengthens your heart muscles and reduces your resting heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and minimized blood fat levels. This is a countdown of the very best spin bike under ₤500.

10 Best Exercise Bikes Under ₤500

1. Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

Even if you live in the smallest areas, the FB350 will fit. This folding exercise bike is easy to transport and store but still offers you fantastic exercise. It’s made of steel and only weighs 19 kg. This bike stands out because it has a padded seat and lower back assistance. You do not frequently discover this on an upright bike, so if you have any back or mobility issues, you’ll be able to utilize this bike and still get the exercise you need.

Despite being so compact, this bike has some excellent functions consisting of an LCD window to track your workout statistics and has 8 different levels of magnetic resistance to increase and reduce your workout strength depending on how you’re feeling.


  • Side deals with for much more assistance while riding.
  • Tracks speed, time, distance, and heart rate.
  • Can hold up people as heavy as 102 kg.


  • Not perfect for more extreme riding.
  • No pre-programmed exercises.

2. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

This maker is durable and very long-lasting since it’s made from steel. This construction enables you to put pressure on the pedals even if you’re hefty. The Exerpeutic Gold Upright Bike supports individuals as much as 181 kg. It even has an extra-wide, plush seat to cushion your bum throughout lengthy exercises.

Besides, this bike’s design also fits a broader range of user heights since you can change it quickly. If you’re between 5′ 1″ and 6′ 5″, you can take pleasure in a comfortable ride without straining your limbs or lower back. You can change the magnetic stress on 8 levels to challenge yourself and build more lean muscles. Increasing the resistance of your workout also improves your cardiovascular health as it makes your heart pump faster and harder.

The three-piece cranking system ensures smooth and consistent movements so that you’ll enjoy a comfortable trip. And you’ll understand precisely how hard you’re working because the large LCD screen reveals you all the standard stats, such as: Calories, range, heart rate, time, speed, scan & Odometer.


  • Heavy duty.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Supports individuals as much as 181 kg.
  • For lengthy workouts.
  • 8 resistance levels.
  • Smooth and constant pedalling.


  • The pedals can be squeaky.
  • No metric measurements.

3. JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

The IC300 Pro is another terrific high-performance indoor cycling exercise bike choice. It looks like a bike you would find in Soul Cycle or luxury spin classes. This bike will give you the ultimate in-a-house workout to increase your fitness, reduce weight, and develop endurance. This bike is virtually silent with its belt-driven flywheel, no matter how tough you ride. You can utilize this bike at all hours without disturbing anyone you deal with.

What makes this bike stand out are the many ways you can change and tailor it. There are 6 vertical handlebar modifications and numerous handlebar position alternatives. It likewise has 6 horizontal and 10 vertical seat change levels. This bike will accommodate you no matter your size and enable you to have consistent different riding positions. You can read a more detailed guide of this bike in our article “JLL IC300 Pro Review“.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Integrated heart rate sensors
  • Can hold up to 130 kg


  • Tailored towards advanced fitness
  • No pre-set workouts

4. Reebok Exercise Bike GB 60

The famous shoe business also makes excellent workout equipment. The GB60 is a compact, upright unit that will suit any space you have. This is a self-powered exercise bike meaning that you supply all the power, and it doesn’t need to be plugged into anything. This bike is still electronic and is excellent for altering strength levels with an impressive 32 different levels of resistance.

This is also the best option if you like to personalize workouts, as it includes 20 physical fitness programs built into the console that are created by Reebok fitness instructors. There are simple workouts with approximately more challenging, hill-climb design obstacles. You will never ever get tired of working out with the GB60, and the endless amount of workout choices will keep your body from plateauing as you improve your fitness levels.


  • It just weighs 32 kg.
  • Big padded seat.
  • The LCD shows time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.


  • Doesn’t have a standard racing bike design.

5. WeRSports ® Exercise Bike Aerobic Training Cycle

This is a sturdy aerobic training bike that looks like it’s right out of a physical fitness club. This Amazon Choice exercise bike will provide you with that spin class/HIIT style workout in your own house. It has all the features you would find on a physical fitness club spin bike, including multiple handlebar choices, emergency stop function, and quick changing resistance levels.

This bike will assist you in losing weight through a regular cardiovascular workout or a more intense period of training. You can still track all your workout stats to see how you are progressing with your fitness. Regardless of being heavy-duty, the bike only weighs 38 kg and can hold approximately 120 kilograms. You can read a more detailed review of the S1000 in our article We R Sports RevXtreme Cycle S1000 Review.


  • Water bottle holder.
  • Stabilizers.
  • Integrated wheels.


  • No pre-programmed exercises.
  • It might not be perfect for elders or those with movement problems.

6. Sportstech Exercise Bike ESX500

Sportstech ESX500 is a comfy, practical upright exercise bike you ought to think about if you’re below 120 kg and need a good bike. One reason is that its seat is narrower than Exerpeutic Gold. The Exerpeutic Gold’s seat can keep your legs open at a substantial angle, keeping you in an anatomically-incorrect position. The three-part bottom bracket features a top-notch closed ball bearing to ensure your bike lasts for longer.

Secondly, ESX500 is durable with a 12-kg flywheel that postures increased resistance and helps you improve lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness rapidly. And you can alter between the 16 resistance levels to exercise according to your strength. If you wish to stop, utilize the magnetic brake, and you’ll pertain to a smooth stop.

There are the training choices, which you don’t have with Exerpeutic Gold. Apart from altering the resistance on 16 levels, 8 more than what Exerpeutic Gold offers, you likewise get 12 preprogrammed workouts, a few of which are pretty modern for an inexpensive bike. You can attempt watt or heart-rate-based workouts to lose more body fat successfully. These combinations increase your endurance, but likewise your balance and coordination.


  • Comfortable.
  • Powerful.
  • Strong resistance.
  • 16 resistance levels.
  • 12 preprogrammed exercises.
  • 4 user profiles.
  • Kinomap connection.


  • Sometimes the apps and changes can be defective.
  • EU socket.

7. Nero Sports Bluetooth Upright Exercise Bike

The Nero Sport spin bike has a 12kg flywheel, but this will probably be adequate to keep most people delighted. It’s balanced and smooth and has everything you could want from a flywheel. In terms of quality, we’re delighted with the frame. We believe it’s solid enough to support the mentioned maximum user weight of 120kg. If you’re near (or over) the 6′ mark, you’ll certainly want the extension pole for the seat. This is sold as a different device.

This spin bike is extremely easy to assemble, and the seat and handlebars are both well adjustable. Sadly, the seat isn’t as comfy as it could be. That stated, you could add some extra padding and even switch out the saddle completely. The display is easy to read. It tracks time, speed, range, calories, odometer, and pulse rate. There’s also a tablet holder. The tablet holder’s factor is that this bike is created to get you onto Zwift, thus the Bluetooth. We presume it would deal with Peloton, but we have not tried this.

In general, our only gripe about this spin bike is the saddle quality, which can be easily fixed. If you’re searching for a way to get onto Zwift, then this is the most affordable exercise bike we’ve discovered. You can read more about this exercise cycle here.


  • Numerous Features For its price range.
  • Easy to use and workout is efficient.
  • The frame is adjustable and can be used by different people.


  • The cycle can be a little noisy.
  • seat is a little uncomfortable.

8. Exerpeutic Gold 575 XLS

The XLS is your best option for an exercise bike at this cost point. This unique bike is not only terrific worth, but it is convenient, efficient, and foldable for simple storage. Regardless of being foldable, it is exceptionally well developed and can manage people of all sizes, and still provide you an intense exercise. The XLS has 16 various levels of magnetic resistance, so you can easily find the best intensity for your flight.

This exercise bike is also geared around offering you pre-programmed exercises. It includes 21 computer system exercise programs, so you will never be tired when you work out. It also includes excellent innovation, including BlueTooth smart innovation, which enables the bike to connect with the MyFitquest4 app to offer you a lot more variety and alternatives to get you as fit as possible.


  • LCD show a screen to track your stats.
  • Tablet holder.
  • Extra-large comfy seat.
  • It can hold up to 400 pounds despite being foldable.


  • Not a conventional biking bike style.

9. Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike

This Dripex Indoor exercise bike is the very best spin bike at a user-friendly cost because it’s durable and includes a heavy 9-kg flywheel that will give you more resistance for lower body toning. But although spin bikes look like genuine bikes, the Dripex is stable and resistant, accommodating people approximately 135 kg and in between 4′ 9″ and 6′ 1″ in height.

The adjustable magnetic resistance with infinite resistance modifications is another plus. Much like an actual bike, the Dripex makes you push harder for more significant resistance. And that means you can utilize your body weight to get more leg muscles depending on your existing fitness level. Plus, the mix of bidirectional resistance and the emergency brake will assist you in replicating real-life situations.

This feature is useful if you’re an outside cyclist or training for a marathon. For that reason, the Dripex will still be a dependable ally even after you enhance your strength significantly. Dripex resolved this concern with a 5-level adjustable handlebar that lowers exercise tiredness. Change the seat and deal with it according to your height, and you can pedal for hours. Track your statistics on the LCD; keep an eye on it, as it reveals your calories burnt, distance, heart rate, speed, and time. If you get tired throughout your exercise, place your phone on the convenient mobile device holder and delight in some music or a program. And, if dehydration strikes, grab your water bottle with easy-to-reach assistance.


  • Highly adjustable to all shapes and sizes.
  • Mimic the genuine feel of riding an outdoor bike.
  • Limitless resistance.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seat and handlebars.
  • Sturdy.
  • Lowers workout tiredness.


  • No built-in programs.
  • No apps.
  • Squeaky pedals.

10. JLL JF600 PRO Exercise Bike For Home

JLL JF600 Pro is one of the very best models on the marketplace if you need a comfy hi-tech spin bike that improves your performance. Compared to the Dripex design above, JLL JF600 loads all the techy bells and whistles you require; however, it only supports individuals below 120 kg. The Dripex has more adjustability options for seat and handlebars height, and its flywheel is 2kg heavier for increased resistance.

For example, JF600 boasts an electronic-magnetic resistance that’s easy to change on the spot. Although it does not have bidirectional resistance for a real-life feel, this design is simpler to utilize. Besides, the user-friendly display tracks 2 essential statistics for health club rats and health freaks: healing heart rate and body fat, which properly assess your physical fitness level.

Although typical spin bikes don’t consist of preprogrammed exercises, JLL JF600 does. Its twelve routines will assist you in choosing the ideal ones for your needs, plus you can build up to 4 profiles with the exercises you like most. Plus, you can use the iConsole + app for better stat tracking and around the world virtual rides.


  • Quickly adjustable resistance.
  • It suggests cardiovascular health.
  • Suggests body fat percentage.
  • 12 preprogrammed workouts.
  • iConsole + app compatibility for virtual trips.
  • Tablet support for additional entertainment options to motivate you.


  • Not best for petite persons.
  • 120 kg max weight.


Considering that biking is mainly a lower body and cardiovascular activity, you may wish to include some other upper body exercises. This can be a combination of free weight or bodyweight exercises, but you wish to ensure you include upper body reinforcing for full-body balance.

Cycling is best served by a proper heat up and cool off. You do not desire to start working out at an extreme level without effectively warming up. If you do not warm up, it can result in muscle cramping and possible injury. 

Start with a 5-10 minute heat up gradually to increase blood flow to the muscles and get the heart rate up. You can also begin with some dynamic extending that includes leg and arm swings. This type of stretching is more about preparing your body for the exercise but getting your cardiovascular system engaged and activating the muscle.

Constantly remember to cool off – specifically after extreme riding. If you stop and get off, it can result in blood pooling in the muscle and cramping. The lactic acid build-up will trigger some pain and prevent your healing process from adequately happening. 

When you are finished with your primary exercise, end up with a 5-10 minute cool off at a lower intensity and rate. After that, you can finish off with some extending and even some abdominal and core work to complete the exercise.

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