Best Foldable Exercise Bike In The UK

Best Folding Exercise Bike UK

If you are looking for a quality cardiovascular workout, then exercise bikes are an excellent choice. However, if you can’t get to a gym and your house exercise area is minimal, you might think getting a great workout is going to be tough. Folding exercise bikes could be the response you are looking for. Still, with such a distinction in quality and prices, we understand how tough it can be to find the very best alternative for you. So we have assembled a list of the very best folding exercise bikes in the UK.

The possibilities are that you will have at least some area for a few pieces of gym equipment in your home. Collapsible exercise devices such as folding exercise bikes are a great alternative since they do not take up a lot of area and can be kept tidily after use. They use unbelievable workout experiences because of their different functions, and some can even exceed the quality of non-foldable variants.

The market is packed with a large range of foldable exercise bikes from which you can select. Various brand names have made it a point to make premium products at different rates, offering users a series of alternatives. The truth that there are a lot of alternatives from which to select is both an advantage and a downside (mainly a benefit). The downside is that discovering the very best product may be challenging because several aspects and alternatives are available.

Are Folding Exercise Bikes as Good as Non-Folding?

Both folding and non-folding exercise bikes are designed to enable intensive exercise experiences designed to increase your heart rate and burn through calories. They likewise use advantages like versatility because of the adjustable components, which suggest they can be used by more than a single person in a household. The majority of folding exercise bikes feature adjustable resistance levels and seat heights, as is the case with non-folding bikes. In addition, the two items work likewise. However, there are a few differences between the two.

The main distinction between folding bikes and traditional bikes is that folding ones are lighter. They are easier to carry than a basic stationary bicycle. This implies that you can take the bikes along on vacation or move them around your house to hassle-free locations for exercising. Also, you do not need to worry about producing a long-term area for bikes. Another distinction is that the stationary folding bicycle is more economical than their equivalents. All these differences can likewise double-up as benefits that folding bikes have more than non-folding ones.

The primary benefit that non-folding bikes have more than folding ones is that they are more resilient because of the durable and steady products from which they are constructed. This is the reason they are more pricey. Regardless, the stationary folding bicycle is more likely the best choice for exercising in your home due to its area saving advantages.

Top 7 Folding Exercise Bikes

Top 5 Folding Exercise Bike

1. Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider

Our top choice for a foldable exercise bike is the exceptional Ultrasport F-Bike. With an RRP of ₤160, it’s not the most affordable model on the market (although it’s often readily available for much less than this), but it offers an excellent exercise and space-conserving style.

The F-Bike is a magnetic model with 8 resistance levels to offer range in your workout. The magnetic resistance indicates it’s a quiet piece of equipment that’s fantastic for burning calories while you see TV. Naturally, the most significant benefit of the F-Bike is its collapsible design.

When folded, it has measurements of 131 x 43.5 x 45cm, so it can quickly be vacated eyesight. It likewise includes a standard LCD revealing data such as speed, calories burned, time, and range, in addition to pulse sensing units for heart rate.

There are a couple of disadvantages to the Ultrasport, though. The first is that the standard design has an optimum user weight of 100kg – if you’re much heavier than this, it isn’t suitable. The seat is likewise unpleasant, so we suggest purchasing a new one if you plan on using it for long training sessions.

Thinking about the excellent price and hassle-free folding style, the Ultrasport F-Bike is a sturdy design that provides a reasonably challenging exercise. Like other folding models, it’s not suitable for intense exercises; however, getting a sweat-up while viewing tv offers terrific value. By extension, we likewise think it’s the very best folding exercise bike under ₤ 100, which is one of the cost points individuals look at for this type of equipment. Read our detailed guide on the Ultrasport F-Bike here.


  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Cheap.
  • Sturdy.
  • 100kg max weight.
  • Peaceful enough.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Eight resistance levels.
  • Accurate sufficient statistics.


  • Low resistance levels for sophisticated bicyclists.
  • Heavy-ish.
  • Slow sensing units.
  • Firm, non-adjustable seat.

2. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

This is one of the best foldable exercise bikes we evaluated. One of the essential elements is that it has a heavy-duty and long-lasting steel frame construction. The frame can hold up against approximately 150kg worth of weight.

It is made with 20% more steel to permit better performance and a longer lifespan than some other spending plan models we evaluated. The frame is also rather large, suggesting that it can enable much better distribution of weight, thus making it one of the very best products available. The bike can fold to half its size when it is put together.

This makes it a compact style that you can easily store away when you are not utilizing it or when you are finished with a session. Among our favourite functions is that it comes with extremely comfortable seating pads that are also adjustable. This indicates that you can quickly adjust it to fit anywhere. The height of the seat can likewise be adapted to cater for users of various heights.

The product features eight levels of magnetic resistance. This means that it offers a large variety of resistance from which you can select (from lightest to heavy). It is a safe product for both men and women. It is simple to set up and fold away for storage functions. It also features an LCD which is easy to use and read. The screen offers necessary info like the distance, speed, time, and the variety of calories you have burned throughout a session. The display screen also includes details on the heart rate. This means that you can track your vitals on screen, which is not packed with too much data, making it hard for you to check out. The screen is battery operated; therefore, you do not need to stress over connecting the product to electrical cable televisions, unsafe.

The peddles of the bike are very comfy. They are likewise large to enable easy usage. They include a non-slip finish and straps that assist in keeping your feet in place throughout sessions. The item is a fantastic option for beginners and intermediate users because of the components and includes it.

The folding exercise bike is a product by Exerpeutic. Exerpeutic is among the most popular brand names of house physical fitness items. It is understood to produce the very best high quality yet cost-effective items, and this folding exercise bike is among these items.


  • The heavy-duty steel frame can take weights of approximately 300lbs.
  • 8 Magnetic Stress Levels to provide a variety of exercise options to the user.
  • 3-Piece High-Torque Crank System for smooth and comfy pedalling motion.
  • The V-Belt Drive System and Precision Flywheel guarantee a quiet workout experience.
  • It is foldable to half of its size and is portable too.
  • The seat is Ergonomic, large, and cushioned. It is adjustable for individuals with a height variety of 5’3″ to 6’1″.


  • No Pre-set workout programs for variety.
  • Tiny bottle holder.
  • Not perfect for an extreme workout.

3. Ultrasport F-Bike 200 B

The inclusion of 8 resistance levels, pulse grips and a console for speed and calorie information is quite basic nowadays, but there are other aspects to the Ultrasport F-Bike Exercise Bike that make it stand out.

The F-Bike is certainly among the more uncommon looking exercise bikes around with the odd shape to its frame and the black and orange detailing, and this shape is largely due to the foldable style that is its crucial selling point.

Is this star function enough to ensure that buyers are recommending this bike to other customers?

This folding feature and the little measurements are certainly discussed by a large number of the consumers presently responsible for the bike’s high fulfilment score online. This element has been enhanced for this up-to-date mode, with the curved shape enabling a more compact shape, which reveals that the manufacturers understand the requirements of their audience.

Ultrasport F-BikeAnother enjoyed this Ultrasport F-Bike is the backrest, which makes the experience even comfier. Moving far from the style and onto the performance, the promise is that purchasers can tone their muscles and work on their cardiovascular system with ease and keep track of their development through the console and pulse grips.

The reality is that purchasers can enjoy what has been explained as light to moderate exercise at their speed and in relative peace.


  • The curved frame suggests a compact shape in storage
  • That frame is likewise strong and stable for new users
  • There is a quiet, comfy ride available which won’t trouble any neighbours excessive


  • The workout alternatives are minimal and basic
  • The reward includes come at a cost

4. XS Sports B210 Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

The XS Sports B210 is one of the very best folding exercise bikes if you’re a rookie or an amateur or if you have knee pain, chronic health issues like peripheral neuropathy, etc. The reason for this is the 1.6 kg flywheel that does not produce much of a resistance, but it has multiple resistance levels.

However, if you’re thinking about getting your blood pumping and your muscles working, this foldable bike is an excellent option. Nevertheless, some people have noticed that it’s challenging to rapidly change in between resistance levels because you can turn the resistance wheel more than when.

That means you can’t shift very efficiently between your warm-up and your actual exercise. That said, the B210 is a strong bike, although it’s lightweight and looks pretty flimsy. Don’t be deceived by the way it looks. It can hold even more prominent individuals, and it’s incredibly steady. In reality, all the XS Sports bikes are entirely evaluated to make sure leading efficiency and security standards.

You’ll also discover that the B210 is a comfy bike for house use, unlike other models. That’s because the bike has an ergonomic style that keeps you in an appropriate posture, in addition to a height-adjustable seat. Thanks to these functions, you can avoid muscle stress and post-exercise pain.

The B210 isn’t best, though. The statistics measured on the LCD aren’t near to precise, and a few other users have reported that the seat is too firm. Besides this, users over 6 feet have also reported that it is difficult for them to maintain the correct posture. 


  • Light.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Easy to move.
  • Compact.
  • Strong and stable.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not for power training.
  • Best for average-height individuals.
  • 100kg max weight.
  • Unreliable statistics.

5. ExerpeuticGold 575 XLS

The 525XLR is a unisex, grey, and black recumbent bike that offers a heavy-duty steel frame. Compared to the Exerpeutic 400XL, the older version, the 525XLR, provides 27% more steel while still folding down for optimum space-saving capability.

With the extra steel, this bike is very strong; however, it is somewhat heavier than most other folding exercise bikes; however, it’s still easy to move with the transportation wheels. Exerpeutic-525XLR-FoldedA large seat cushion and backrest make the 525XLR a comfy option for users.

Seat changes enable users between 5′ 2 ″ and 6′ 5 ″ to fit easily on the bike. Getting on and off the seat is simple thanks to the semi-recumbent design. There are eight magnetic resistance levels to include trouble to your exercise, and the double transmission flywheel enables a peaceful, consistent resistance.

Once folded, the bike’s footprint is almost halved, enabling you to store the bike anywhere in the house. This folding exercise bike is also installed with extended leg stabilizers and large pedals that prevent you from tripping. Users of up to 18 kg can use the 525 XLR without any issues. 

The hand pulse sensors and LCD show the user the distance, calories, time, speed, and pulse. The scan function enables you to view all these metrics while you exercise. 


  • Sturdy build and made of strong steel tubing.
  • The design is foldable and portable.
  • Large pedals with straps for safety.
  • Bluetooth technology is compatible with iOS.


  • No Cooling fan or speakers.
  • No backrest.

6. Klarfit Azura Folding Training Bike

The Klarfit Azura is a slightly more expensive folding exercise bike, but we believe it provides worth for cash due to its resilient design and backrest. Likewise, it’s an elegant model with an attractive white and blue palette, which makes it less of an eyesore if you’re going to keep it in your lounge.

One of the most crucial features of the Klarfit is its backrest. This is developed to supply a more comfy exercise than a regular saddle. There are likewise bars on either side of the saddle, so you can change position if needed. The Azura is a relatively sturdy and long-lasting bike thinking about the rate.

It seems like it has a high build quality and is also simple to assemble. An entire LCD screen is consisted of, which shows information such as calories burned and speed.

The biggest downside is that the optimum user weight is 100kg. However, this isn’t unusual for folding bikes; however, it is worth keeping in mind if you’re close to or above the limitation. Likewise, it’s not the best fit to brief people or anyone with limited mobility, as the bar design can make it challenging to mount.

If you’re looking for a stationary folding bicycle with back support, the Klarfit Azura is a fantastic option. The Klarfit Azura is a bit more expensive than the other folding exercise bikes you will find in this review, but the extra cost gets you back support, a durable machine, and a relatively comfortable seat. 


  • Sturdy
  • Excellent for newcomers


  • Few height adjustment settings

7. Exerpeutic (EXER6)

This Exerpeutic EXER6 is the very best folding magnetic exercise bike if you’re trying to find a sturdy and dependable semi-recumbent bike that requires no tweaks. Besides, the EXER6 has a strong magnetic tension system so that the eight levels of stress are challenging enough despite your fitness level.

The Exerpeutic EXER6 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile bike that you can use anywhere. This folding exercise bike can be stored anywhere in the house. That stated, some users have complained about the seat firmness.

Obviously, the big seat cushion isn’t that cushiony for all people, although it’s comfy enough throughout your workout session. The backrest is another benefit, specifically if you have persistent backaches or poor posture.

You’ll likewise discover that the fold-up Exerpeutic EXER6 is easy to change depending upon your height. This bike accommodates people between 1.55 and 1.89 m so that the majority of people in your family can use it. Besides, the EXER6 is sturdy enough to hold people up to 136kg.

The V-belt double-drive transmission system is resilient and strong, although a little bit noisy. However, if you watch TV or listen to music during your workouts, the sound will not trouble you as much.

Another factor in buying the EXER6 is its semi-recumbent design. If you’re mobility challenged, you’ll notice you can quickly get on and off the bike for your workouts.

Besides, numerous customers see that the EXER6 has a large LCD screen so that you can check out all your statistics quickly. Even though it does not offer medical-grade measurements, the EXER6 is one of the most precise folding bikes on the market.


  • Strong stress.
  • Easy to move.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Durable and durable.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • Precise measurements.


  • The instructions remain in German.
  • A bit noisy.

Why Purchase a Folding Exercise Bike?

Best Folding Exercise Bikes In The UK

The problem with workout devices is that they can be big and large. This is particularly real for recumbent bikes, which have a long footprint, but is likewise the case for many uprights and spin cycles. The very best folding exercise bike, on the other hand, have a much smaller sized footprint, so it is excellent for tiny homes. Besides purchasing a mini exercise bike, they are among the smallest choices for a house health club.

A consequence of this smaller footprint is that fold-away bikes are often highly cost-effective. Many are offered for less than ₤ 100, which is more affordable than other kinds of fitness center equipment. Thinking about a health club subscription’s monthly cost, a folding bike can supply a terrific value for cash.

Another benefit of the space-saving design is that many fold up workout cycles are also lightweight. This makes them more portable, particularly if you need a bike that can be easily walked around the home.

Regardless of the lightweight style and inexpensive costs, folding workout cycles can still provide a decent workout. However, they can’t match the resistance and functions or uprights or spin bikes; however, they are a terrific option for light workouts while watching the television.

There are some downsides to a folding exercise bike, though. Due to the nature of a fold-away style, they aren’t as sturdy or durable as the very best upright exercise bike. This implies we do not advise them for extreme exercises or athletic training. Likewise, they are generally fairly standard devices, so do not include the advanced functions and consoles discovered on more costly models.

However, if you’re looking for a foldable exercise bike that can supply a good workout, a folding bike could be the perfect alternative.


The very best foldable exercise bike offers a fairly strenuous exercise from your own house’s comfort and does not take up excessive area. While they aren’t ideal for intensive training sessions, they are great for light workout and are much less bulky than other types of indoor gym devices. This makes them best for tiny homes or anyone who is on a tight spending plan.

Out of all the folding exercise bikes reviews on this page, our preferred model is the Ultrasport F-Bike. It offers outstanding value for money, is easy to fold down, and seems like a durable piece of workout devices. The Ultrasport is also quiet, so it’s terrific for exercising. The only drawback is that it’s not appropriate for tall individuals, as the cycling position can end up being uncomfortable.

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