Gallant Punch Bag Review

Gallant Punch Bag Review

For any individual seriously concerning about combat sports, having accessibility to a punch bag at home can be a real benefit. For those who do not have an area for a devoted dangling heavy bag or for those that do not want to need to handle wall surface or ceiling repairings, then for them, free-standing punch bags are a fantastic alternative and offer some one-of-a-kind advantages over their hanging counterparts.

Today in this article, we will review Free Standing Punch Bag from Gallant. This 5-foot, 5-inch Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag is our top selection of punching bag.

Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Gallant Punch Bag Review

The Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag is a series of free-standing punch bags perfect for various training styles, consisting of kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts (Mixed Martial Arts). Coming in at 5.25 feet (160cm), this heavy-duty punching bag was created with intense training in mind, whether in the house or in the dojo. A narrow, secure base together with 5cm thick EPE taking in the foam makes it a perfect choice for hefty weight boxing practise and various other kinds of fighting styles.

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Gallant Punch Bag Product Overview

Gallant Punch Bag Review

1. Materials

The outside cover of the punch bag is constructed of heavy-duty grain faux leather, which offers it its shiny finish and supplies sturdiness and makes it simple to tidy. There is a layer of soft 5cm thick EPE (broadened polyethylene) foam under the outside.

This shock soaking up foam will dissipate any difficult strikes and will certainly quit the bag from relocating way too much. The bag is filled with microfibre pieces. For added strength, the bag is double sewn.

2. Base

The base has actually been made with 2 points in mind, namely stability and narrowness. Both of these points are advantageous as you would want a punch bag to move around as little as possible and also desire the base to be slim so that it is simpler for you to move it. The slim layout likewise helps to lower the opportunity of tripping.

You can load the base with water or sand. Both have their benefits and also downsides. Water is more affordable than sand yet lighter. Sand is larger than water, but it is harder to acquire and makes the punch bag more challenging to deliver. It depends on you which you intend to opt for; however, I prefer using sand.

3. Height

The punch bag’s general elevation is 160cm (5.25 ft), which approaches various other punch bags. The strikable area is 87cm tall; the base is 49cm tall, and the stand is 24cm tall

4. Style

The Gallant punch bag is available in four various designs, namely a style with black with red targets, a brownish layout with boxing associated composing on, a yellow and black mix as well as a white coating with a dragon stencil on and also words “release the monster” written on it.

You can see enlarged pictures of the punch bags above. While all the brand-new layouts are strong, I assume the yellow and black one is undoubtedly out the neatest, although the brownish one comes in a close second.

5. Durability and Maintenance

As pointed out above, synthetic leather is an especially resistant product, so the punch bag’s finish will certainly not be used conveniently, even if it is regularly utilized in a dojo.

Relocating the punch bag around the space is easy. I prefer the shuffle as well as a rotate technique which is rather self-explanatory. If you are moving it elsewhere, say downstairs or right into the vehicle, after that, you should drain pipes the water/empty the sand from the base or, if essential, take the whole thing apart.

Just like all fighting styles devices, it is essential to maintain it tidy. Wiping it down with a damp towel after each usage should be more than enough.


Overall the Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag is a well created and useful piece of equipment. What makes it stand out from various other complimentary standing punch bags is the truth that its base is much slimmer. I would recommend this punch bag from gallant for gym use and especially to anyone wanting to do extra training outside their gym.

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