JLL IC300 Pro Review, Is It Any Good?

JLL IC300 Pro Review, Is It Any Good?

The JLL IC300 is a strong, trustworthy, and popular spinner bicycle by the respectable JLL. This bike is versatile and quiet, with a precise resistance so that you can increase your strength and endurance. The JLL IC300 Pro may not have many bells and whistles; however, it’s a popular mid-priced design to assist you in attaining your physical fitness goals. It is also considered one of the best model in the category of spin bikes.

We’ll evaluate all of its functions with a vital eye so that you can determine if this is the bike for you.

JLL IC300 Pro Feature Review

JLL IC300 Pro Feature Review


  • Easy to put together
  • Comfortable seat
  • Different ergonomic modifications to fit your shapes and size
  • Stable
  • Tough
  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet
  • Various stats so that you can prepare and follow your fitness goals
  • Safe toe cages
  • Water bottle holder
  • Transportation wheels


  • Heavy
  • 130 kg max user weight
  • No predetermined programs
  • Rather unreliable heart rate display
  • The toe cage nodules feel a little pointy when you’re standing.

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1. Assembly

People concur that the JLL IC300 Pro is among the easiest bicycles to install. Although this bike has extensive guidelines and setup video, the assembly itself is relatively user-friendly.

If you’re to check out the Amazon reviews, the people who required the most time for the setup still ended up in about 20 minutes.

The only possible problem is that the package weighs 49 kg, which is why you might require a little bit of help to move the package around. 

2. Convenience and Ergonomics

Many delighted customers value the JLL IC300 Pro’s convenience, so you’ll probably like the wide padded seat and the range of adjustability options too.

You can change the handlebars on 12 levels and the seat in ten vertical increments according to your size. Therefore, you can maintain an excellent posture when you’re working out to lower the risk of pain in the back or cramps.

Remember, however, that your knees need to be bent at a 30ᵒ angle and that the handles must be level with the seat. If you are on a budget and looking for more comfortable option then you can opt for recumbent exercise bike.

3. Stability

JLL IC300 Pro wins 5/5 stars for stability. This bike is durable, and it won’t wobble or squeak even when you’re pedalling hard throughout your HIIT workouts.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this bike supports people as heavy as 130 kg; if you weigh more, you should consider buying an upright bike or bike that is not as compact. 

4. Increased Magnetic Resistance

Increased Magnetic Resistance

This bike has a heavy 20 kg flywheel that’s smooth and quiet. Besides, the much heavier flywheel allows you to increase the resistance level, so the JLL IC300 is a scalable bike that lets you become your physical fitness level. This flywheel style is comparable to that of a racing bike in terms of strength and resistance.

Another advantage is that you can move the flywheel forward or back to work on different muscles. This enables you to work on your quads, glutes and hamstrings when you are pushing back. 

Another feature that you can not find in the regular version is the magnetic resistance, which has replaced the frictional brake assisted resistance. This change allows the user to make smoother resistance adjustments while also being a lot quieter than the JLL 300. Another benefit of using the magnetic resistance in the JLL 300 Pro is that the bike is more long-lasting since there are no brakes rubbing against other parts. 

5. JLL IC 300 Pro Handlebars And Health Display

The JLL IC300 Pro features an electronic display screen that reveals all the stats and measurements you require. Therefore, you’ll understand the time, distance, speed and calories you burn, plus your heart rate. Other measurements consist of the rotations per minute.

A lot of users agree that these measurements are accurate, except for the heart rate screen. An accurate heart rate screen allows you to remain within healthy parameters for your heart. It also enables you to up your heart rate so that you’re working out securely in your fat-burning zone.

So, if you require a heart rate monitor that works so that you can achieve your fitness goals safely, consider a chest strap.

Many users prefer using the recovery button to measure their fitness stats when done with their session. This is because they get personalised fitness ratings after each workout. 

6. Toe Cages

Toe cages are very useful because they won’t let your feet slip. In case that takes place, you can hurt your knees and ankles and might even require hospitalisation.

Nevertheless, IC300 Pro is a safe stationary bicycle because it locks your feet into place. As your feet are safe, you can pedal faster and harder without fear of slipping.

However, keep in mind that you have to wear cushiony fitness instructors when you’re exercising because the anti-slip blemishes feel a little pointy. This style keeps your feet stable, and it will not bother you when you’re sitting, but the blemishes might press annoyingly through your soles throughout standing workouts.

7. Useful Additions

Useful Additions

The JLL IC300 Pro does not have plenty of bells and whistles. This bike is a traditional fitness machine with fundamental functions for detailed workouts. Among the biggest frustrations among customers, for example, is that the JLL IC300 lacks automatic programs such as hill climbing or other preset regimens.

The Jll IC 300 pro, however, does have side bottle holders and an aluminium bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the workout. 

Another good addition to the exercise bike is the transport wheel that makes it easy to move the bike around the house. If space is the real concern for you, you can go for either folding exercise bike or mini exercise bike.

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The JLL IC300 Pro is a strong, peaceful, and compact bike that allows you to become your physical fitness level. You can change this bike so that you will sit conveniently despite your shape and size. You can also choose to do numerous workout routines on this bike as you get to choose whether you want a low-impact workout or a challenging high impact routine. 

All of these features make the JLL IC300 Pro an excellent option, and if you are trying to find a standard, functional bike to lose weight, increase stamina and tone your body, this is the perfect exercise bike for you.

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