JLL R 200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine Review

JLL R 200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine Review

On impressions, the JLL R200 Luxury Home rowing machine is considered as one of the best budget rowing machine, and that is since it is not attempting to add lots of smart tricks and functions.

This 2016 model has a strong style and building and utilizes a standard 10 level adjustable resistance system and advanced driving belt for a dependable, practical training session.

The features might appear standard; however, there is a sense of familiarity and great interest in this design that must make it a hit with at-home users.

Coming at a sensible rate without jeopardizing quality and features. After performing our review, it is simple to see why the JLL R200 is amazon’s best-selling model today.

Its collapsible design and quiet magnetic resistance make it perfect for house users. In addition, it does the fundamentals well and offers a fantastic cardiovascular exercise.

JLL R 200 Feature Review

JLL R 200 Feature Review


  • An incredible choice of resistance levels
  • Great for newbie and intermediate users
  • It comes with an LCD tracking screen
  • Tough style and construction
  • Easy to put together with directions
  • It folds in half to conserve space
  • Ergonomic deals with
  • Well-padded seat


  • Inadequate resistance for more in shape users
  • The manage might be too large for some people
  • Difficult to read LCD screen

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1. Assembly

The first stage of any evaluation is constantly the assembly process.

JLL has managed to keep the items overall weight to just 23kg. This is light compared to numerous others on the marketplace and makes it a lot easier to put together on your own.

The step by step instructions is clear and concise, divided into workable steps with diagrams and explanations.

All in all, the assembly process took just over thirty minutes at a reasonably sluggish speed. Therefore, there need to be no need to purchase the professional assembly choice if you are not a confident DIYer.

2. Resistance

One of the most crucial aspects for some users is the quantity of resistance.

This design includes 10 various levels of magnetic resistance to select from, which is less as compared to Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine. Level 1 has an extremely light resistance; however, level 10 has a moderate to strong resistance and will be more than enough to provide you with a good cardiovascular workout.

Magnetic physical fitness equipment tends to struggle when it pertains to the quantity of resistance it can create, especially cheaper models. Nevertheless, this doesn’t appear to be a concern with this item.

Each of the 10 levels of resistance can be selected via the turn dial knob situated on the mainframe just listed below the display.

As the dial knob is within arms reach, it clarifies the resistance a doddle as you won’t need to unstrap your feet to reach it.

In addition to the magnetic resistance, JLL has integrated a belt-driven system to keep the rowing movement smooth. In some cases, magnetic resistance feels jerky while you await it to engage, but the belt drive does assist maintain a constant smooth resistance.

Besides, it is very peaceful while being utilized. This makes it particularly attracting to users that do not desire a loud machine disturbing other people.

3. Display

JLL R 200 Feature Display

The big LCD show makes it easy to see all the important info even while rowing.

It comes packed with 7 different functions to pick from:

  • Overall count
  • Calories
  • Stroke rate
  • Count
  • Range
  • Time
  • Scan

Keep in mind: The difference between a count and the overall count is that the Total count is the number of strokes the machine has counted. In contrast, the count is the variety of strokes in the existing exercise.

Swapping in between the various metrics is simple and only requires the push of one button. Also, if you press and hold the button, it will reset all readings to no.

While the screen may not have fancy functions, you get a few higher-end designs. It tracks the standard metrics well, and when you consider this machine can generally be bought for under ₤ 200, it is tough to expect a lot more.

4. Design

While exercise equipment can use up a considerable amount of area, JLL has consisted of a folding system for the seat rail. Thus, minimizing the total length of the item from 180cm to just 71cm when folded.

Folding takes a matter of seconds as you only require to follow these steps:

  • Unscrew the knob on top of the seat rail.
  • Pull the side change knob to release the rail.
  • Then raise the rail until it clicks into place.
  • Re-screw the first knob into the below of the rail to protect it in the upright position.
  • You can also fold down the rear leg of the rail if you want to. Nevertheless, it takes up very little additional area.

To make it much easier to save away in-between usages, it comes equipped with transportation wheels. This makes it very easy to move your home, although it can be a bit more difficult on carpeted floors.

To keep the design as light as possible, the seat rail is made from aluminium. Nevertheless, the machine can support users approximately 100kg. We would have wanted to see an optimum user weight of a minimum of 120kg to accommodate more users seeking to get in shape.

5. Convenience

An area that frequently gets ignored but is essential for comfort is the seat. The R200 includes a moulded foam cushioned seat.

It is remarkably comfortable for a design in this cost variety which often causes a numb bum after 5 minutes.

The seat also includes a double set of rollers that make the seats motion smooth while rowing.

Although the deal with bar is referred to as “ergonomic,” I am not sure how a straight cushioned bar is. Nevertheless, it gets the job done, is comfortable in your hands and does not slip.

However, it would have been nice if it was formed a bit more “ergonomically”, as rowing can be difficult on your wrists.

Two areas that frequently cause an issue for taller users are the footplates and rail length.

The footplates are large, with an anti-slip finish that can fit all users. In addition, the Velcro straps make it fast and simple to jump on and off if you are performing a circuit.

With an overall seat rail length of 115cm, it should be more than enough for many users. A good couple of inches of rail were left at full stretch even with a 6-foot-tall user.

6. Service warranty

In addition to all the above features, it likewise includes a 1-year warranty and a 30-day cash back warranty.

This helps to offer you included peace of mind for an already excellent worth.

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Conclusion: Is The JLL R200 Worth Buying?

The talk of “rapid engagement” and “exceptional training” in the description implies that this should be a device that buyers get along with quickly, which appears to be the case.

This may be a little bit more than a beginning point where users can get to grips with the resistance levels, information and general exercise, but it has simply enough to keep most beginner-level users happy.

The functions are useful, as is the console and folding design, and users get a lot out of it. If you are starting with your home fitness centre and desire a powerful machine that does not ask excessive of you, this JLL rower could be a great choice.

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