The Best Squat Rack With Pull Up Bars In The UK 2021

The Best Squat Rack With Pull Up Bars In The UK 2021

Power cages are a terrific addition to your house gym (as long as you’ve got the space). They allow you to raise as much weight as you desire in safety, without the need for an identifying partner. Saving area is a generally huge element for many home gyms, so combining a squat cage with a pull-up bar makes sense. After all, chin-ups are still one of the best exercises you can do.

Today we’re taking a look at the best cages on the marketplace and assisting you in finding the one that’s perfect for you. There are some fantastic items, and they do not need to cost the earth. Let’s get going!

Top 5 Squat Rack With Pull Up Bars

Top 5 Squat Rack With Pull Up Bars

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT

The Fitness Truth 810 XLT is a high-quality rack that is most popular for connecting other Physical fitness Reality systems to increase the rack’s general effectiveness.

When we consider a rack, one of the first things we will look at is the selling price of the rack. It’s going to be one of the pieces you purchase to have a long-lasting rack that will work for you.

Its frame is fairly big and thick, with the steel frame being made of 2″ x 2″ steel, so it will have the ability to hold a lot of weight.

In fact, in particular, this model has a weight limit of 800 lbs which is one of the highest weight limits you can find in the power rack, so all the heavy lifters out there will be able to max out securely. Given that you have the prospective to lift such heavyweights, you will be delighted to learn more about the safety functions.

You have security bars on the within, which are 23″ long and covered in chrome. They aren’t the only security feature that includes this specific design, though. On the outside of the cage, there are safety bars that you can utilize also. One feature that individuals who intend to do many pull-ups will like is the truth that the pull-up bar is curved like a lat pulldown bar.

You can get many different types of grips that will allow you to work different muscles to a greater degree. The solid bar and the rack weigh enough that you will not need to have this rack anchored unless you want it to be. 

When you get down to it, this is respectable at whatever it does. You get a strong cage, good security functions, and it will hold a lot of weight for you.

You can also build onto this rack utilizing other attachments offered by the company and keep investing until you have a one-stop exercise area in your house or gym.


  • Easy to establish
  • It supports a lot of weight
  • Uses numerous weight lifting methods


  • Weight plates aren’t consisted of
  • It can be too huge

2. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack Rack With Pull Bar 

When it comes time to looks, this squat rack is on the greater end of the quality spectrum. The idea remains in the name here – “HULK”, as this beast can hold upwards of 800lbs on the rack, so you will have the ability to press your limits.

This model is certainly on the larger side, determining 81″ x 44″ x 46″, so you have to ensure that you got the room to put it effectively without it ditching your ceiling. It’s possible to use it in the right place in your home, but you are more likely to see this design in a business setting.

The squat rack comes with numerous accessories, providing the users with an opportunity to be very safe while working out. To start with, two various pull-up bars have different sizes you can use to get the best grip. In addition to the safety features of this rack, you will also notice some j-hooks, dip bars, and weight holders.

With the catch bars being larger than normal, you will feel comfortable and good using the squat rack. Integrated with the rubber feet, this needs to remain quite still while you’re using it. This is certainly among the more costly designs; however, it is really helpful if you’re willing to invest. It’s a heavy-duty squat rack and pull-up bar that uses its users some truly great advantages.


  • Highly resilient and lasting developed
  • Includes optional attachments for a series of workouts
  • Deals utmost security and protection during extreme power-training
  • Designed for convenience and ease of use
  • Easy to put together and area-efficient


  • Does not include lat-pull down device (sold independently and additionally).
  • No types of weight holding bars.
  • It might be a little bit small for some.

3. F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack Cage

Anyone looking for an excellent, however, barebones squat rack and pull up bar will take pleasure in the F2C Adjustable Height Squat Rack.

This fixture is excellent for individuals looking to add a method to do squats to their home gym; however, they don’t desire anything large or extremely expensive.

The frame is made from 2″ x 2″ steel which suffices to hold 550 pounds at the maximum, but that is as high as you must go.

There are bar catches that you can use for the weight to rest upon; however, there are no real security bars. That means you have to be clever about the amount of weight you’re raising alone. You can adjust to catches up or down to fit your height and requirements.

The pull-up bar is quite standard, simply a plain bar with no knurling on it, so gloves are a great idea to use for some extra grip. The bar itself can handle up to 300lbs of weight; however, you will wish to benefit from the plate holders to get some extra weight there, so you don’t move around.

Mentioning moving around, there aren’t anchors on this, and the entire thing is not heavy, so take some time to test out the squat rack before really getting into it. Overall, this is an excellent novice’s rack or one you can keep in the house fitness centre. It’s very low-cost and will do well for you as long as you handle your expectations.


  • The rack has 6.5 ″ spotter arms and J-hooks to ensure your bar never rolls off the rack. These are fantastic safety functions!
  • Each side of the rack is totally free-standing. This implies you can move them closer & further apart. It also indicates you can store them a lot easier than fixed racks.


  • As you start to use it for much heavier weights, it can become a touch unsteady.

4. Cap Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Power Rack

The CAP Barbell Deluxe is a terrific piece of equipment because it will not empty your wallet to purchase, but it will still provide you with a pretty significant value.

The eye-catching feature of this model is that it can hold more than 600 lbs, and if you have a bar attached, you could do pull-ups. You wouldn’t want to put more than that on there for certain.

Next, the bar’s construction is important because it’s constructed of extremely durable 12 and 14-gauge steel.

The rack isn’t going to crumble apart after a bit of use. This returns to when we were talking about making financial investments in valuable tools. This rack is a financial investment; however, when you purchase something that is a strong hunk of steel with a powder finish, it’s a bargain.

When you’re doing squats, it’s everything about security. This rack will hold a heavy load, but it likewise features some stop working safes in the form of security catches. If you stopped working at the squat, these protruding arms would capture the bar, so it doesn’t take you all the way to the ground with it.

Not only might that fall some racks, but it might put you out of commission. With this design, you’re safe even if you’re crouching alone.

The pull-up bar is made from strong tubular steel, so you do not need to stress over snapping the important things, but it’s still rated only for 300 lbs.

So if you’re wearing a vest and are coming close to that weight, be smart about it. The bar’s height is 85 inches, so that need to be sufficient for most people to do some pull-ups and chin-ups with unless you are incredibly tall; even then, you can still bend your knees, so it’s all great.

The CAP comes with some integrated features that provide you with a little more value considering the modest rate point. The rack has plates to save weights on it and 6 band posts that you can use for various workouts and increase their intensity.

All of a sudden, your squat rack can assist you through a lot more exercises when you take into account all the features. All in all, this is a great choice that provides you with high quality, safety, and an excellent appearance that isn’t too fancy. Not all of our list choices will be pricey and fancy – sometimes, returning to basics is best, and that’s exactly what we have got here.


  • It is made of 12 and 14-gauge tubular steel.
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Doubles as a resistance training tool.
  • Triple powder-coated finish.


  • Does not include any accessories or perhaps a weight bench, except for bar catches.
  • It can be tricky to discover accessories that will fit at the top.

Other Fitness Products to consider:

5. Body Champ PBC 2885

The Body Champ Power Rack System is an option that is high on the requirements while short on the cost. It’s not a big financial investment as a few of the other names on this list, but it will still use you a lot of usability.

The squat rack has a frame that features 2″ x 1.5″ steel, so there is some strength therein, but it is inadequate to hold a lot of weight.

The listed maximum for this system is 300lbs either on the catches of the bar or the pull-up bar, but that’s a tough max.

Simply put, do not go throwing up 320 on this because you are most likely putting the frame in danger of failure. That being stated, this is a fantastic squat rack for individuals who are brand-new to it, training lightly, and not looking to increase their squat to crazy heights.

There are 4 prospective security captures that you can alter on the outside of the frame, providing you more than enough methods to dump your weight either at the normal height or on the occasion that you can’t get the bar back up all the way.

There are also plate holders on the backside of the bar frame that you can pack with weight to keep the entire rack stable while you do a pull-up and to store them whilst not in use. The feet are rubberized, so they don’t slip as much, but reasonably, you must have some weight on the back or utilize the built-in anchors to make certain that this does not move while utilizing it.

The pull-up bar that is being used in this power rack is of the highest quality. It is made of steel so you can be sure that it can support your weight. The power rack has a knurled bar that provides a good grip preventing you from having any unfortunate accidents.

When you take everything into factor to consider, it’s clear that the Body Champ squat rack is pretty darn great for the price and on its own merits.

You’ll have the ability to get a decent workout with this; however, its best used in the house rather than at a business health club because it’s somewhat limited by the general weight you can place on it. Still, if you’re looking for a dependable and inexpensive squat rack, this could be it.


  • This bench has an extremely adjustable backrest for maximum backrest and workout possibilities.
  • Constructed of steel and other resilient products, this bench stands well for heavyweight sets and consistent use.
  • This bench is fantastic for numerous workouts of your entire body and has a well-considered design.
  • Created for those who want to get impressive results without going to the gym, this bench is great for home-usage.
  • Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench provides you pretty much whatever you need in a home exercise equipment at an extremely fair rate.


  • This bench does not feature any weight set. Simply put, you’ll have to buy these parts yourself. On the bright side, you can purchase weight sets to your precise requirements.
  • Some users report that the weight stand tends to wobble if you do not screw it together extremely securely.


Choosing the best squat rack can take a while. Nevertheless, when you think about whatever in regards to rate, accessories, sturdiness, products and such, the choice becomes clear.

As constantly, thanks for having a look at our thoughts and feel free to let us know what you think about the list or simply to reach out and ask some questions!

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